Small rodents adapt perfectly to life in apartments

Small rodent are very discreet and easy of care; they adapt perfectly to life in apartments and bring joy to the whole family. Underneath their apparent simplicity, the complexity of rodents never ceases to amaze: they have a very developed social life, the hamster is perfectly happy remaining single, the guinea-pig is easy to manipulate and raise. Small rodents make perfectly adaptable pets for children and adults.

How to select your animal?

You would like to acquire a rodent? You decision is an important one. How will you select your pet? What is his behaviour and habits? What care will he need? Which pet will be best for you?

The members of our personnel, experts in the care of the species, will give you their expert opinion about the daily need for vitamins, living with rodents, the appropriate substrates and the care for your new companions.

A diverse choice

In our locals, you will find a large selection of rodents of all kinds, such as: chinchillas, Guinea-pigs, degus, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, rabbits, rats, mice, etc. We also offer operated and deglanded ferrets. In our store, you will find a complete inventory of food and specialized accessories for rodents, a important selection of cages, equipped or not, as well as the popular Habitrail Mini, Habitrail Space Station, Fun-nels and Critter Trail systems.