To simulate the natural habitat of reptiles of amphibians

Herpetology, the study, care and reproduction of reptiles has become a very popular hobby. Owning a reptile is a source of pleasure in itself, and also a unique opportunity to learn about the natural conditions and ecosystems (often very fragile) in which these animals live and reproduce: simulating the natural habitat of reptiles or amphibians makes you participate in an incredible little corner of paradise in your home.

Reptiles cause no allergies and need only minimal care

Reptiles have always been a controversial species of animals: either we love them or hate them and run away in terror. Today, ancestral fear of reptiles has lessened. More and more people are adopting turtles, snakes, lizards and amphibians, especially since they cause no allergies and need only minimal care.

A great variety of species

Satisfactory care and attention for amphibians and reptiles means a deep knowledge of the relationship between the biological and environmental characteristics of each specie. At Aquarium du Nord inc., you will find plentiful information distributed by qualified personnel who will explain the great variety of species, forms, colours and lifestyles.