A world of silence and peace

The aquarium is an open window on nature, recreating a portion of a world of silence and peace, soothing the stress of daily life. You will be able to create various types of aquariums, within your aesthetic and financial limitation: your reservoir will be transformed in a living replica of a dangerous Amazonian river, the exhilarating excitement of the waters of an African lake, the calm of an Asian biotope or the imaginary model of a strange world where you will observe living organisms live and reproduce.

Allowing the fish and plants to develop

UA house aquarium, especially an aquarium created to represent a particular environment, arouses empathy for the natural biotopes and helps to better understanding them; it’s the best way to become aware of the wealth and diversity of ecosystems. When the correct decisions are made, a well-started and equipped aquarium creates a milieu that allows the fish and plants to develop in a safe and stable environment.

Pertinent and adequate information

The convenience of creating a natural aquarium is to provide a safe and stable environment for plants and fish, while respecting the needs of its inhabitants. This is why the ornamental fish technical personnel will be happy to give you the pertinent and adequate information with simple and easy to follow directions, to create harmonious environments: the general conditions for the water (temperature and chemical composition, size of the aquarium, luminosity, species compatibility, feeding habits, plants, etc.

Master the basic principles

On this subject, we take special care to help you master the basic principles, assuring aesthetic and technical results on the short, medium and long terms. Aquarium du Nord inc. is the oldest institution of its kind in Montreal (in continual operation for almost sixty years).

Through the years, we have developed an enviable expertise, assuring the amateurs that they will always find the necessary support to succeed in this fabulous hobby: facilitate the pleasure, help the ornamental fish keeper to be informed and resolve problems even before they happen. Our technicians are at your disposal and at all times remain available to answer your questions.

More than 250 different species of fish in 7,000 litres of soft water

Specialized in the community tropical fish, rare species and predators, including also a large selection of cold water ornamental fish, you will find in our establishment more than 250 different species which develop in 7,000 litres of fresh water. We also offer a large inventory of aquatic plants, cut or rooted, slow or fast growing, and the adequate fertilizer and substrate to optimize their growth.

Competitive prices

To serve the various needs of hobbyists, in terms of space, attraction and budget, ornamental fish lovers will find at Aquarium du Nord inc. competitive prices for aquariums, striplights, filters, and for all basic material. We pick the best suppliers on the market and select our fish according to the specialty of each. We sell all our products after careful selection, for their efficiency and facility of use. Fish benefit from all the advantages of food rich in protein. We offer a large selection of frozen food, like beef heart, brine shrimp, daphnes, blood worms, red worm, glass worms, etc. Water analyses are free for all our clients.

Our team deserves your confidence. It will perform a constant follow-up allowing safe and easy development in the marvellous aquatic world.