Aquarium du Nord inc. offers a large selection of pet birds of all sizes and colours.

Human can’t fly but they can adopt a bird and observe him closely in all its splendour.

Aquarium du Nord inc. offers a large selection of birds of all sizes and colours.

You will find parrot type birds like budgerigars, inséparables love birds, cockatiels, cockatoos, conures, amazons and aras as well as smaller birds like canaris and finches, by far the most popular.

Birds raised in captivity and hand-fed

Almost all average sized parrots presently available in stores are raised in captivity, including touis, inséparables love birds, cockatiels and conures.

A large number of them are amusing and intelligent pet birds.

The acquisition of the species best for your lifestyle

With the large inventory of company birds available, our technical personnel will be happy to accompany you in your search to find the species that is best for your lifestyle.

A few examples

Here are a few of the most well-known: the smallest members of the parrot family, the cockatiels, are the easiest to keep. The fledglings are quickly tamed; some may even learn to talk.

The finches and canaris can sing beautiful melodies and their upkeep is inexpensive. Cockatiels are very popular. They are average size birds who have good character. Their life expectancy is more than 15 years. You will also find a large selection of large parrots, like cockatoos, amazons and aras.

Everything for your bird

We are offering you a complete selection of birds of all kinds, cages and accessories adapted for all birds, and basic and enriched foods, mixed foods, supplements to grain mixes, treats, baths, gravel and substrates. We also hold in inventory a very large selection of toys for parakeets.

Finally, all our birds are healthy, have a gleaming plumage and the male canaries come with a guarantee they will sing.