Aquarium du Nord Inc.: a large selection of cats and dogs

Aquarium du Nord Inc., under the supervision of our highly qualified and helpful personnel, offers a large selection of cats and dogs. The selection of a puppy or kitten, bred or crossbred, is an important decision, as your animal will keep you company for many years. Our animal counsellors will help you find a pet compatible with the expectations of the members of your family and capable of coping with the needs and constraints of modern life.

Very rigorous criteria to make sure you get a healthy animal

Clean stores and cages, with an independent ventilation system, will make your visit enjoyable, without offensive odours. All our breeders are selected under very rigorous criteria, to make sure your animal is in excellent health, without impairments or diseases.

All the cats and dogs are sold under contract and with a written guarantee, assuring a purchase without problems or pressure.